mardi 10 décembre 2013

Guiseppe Ielasi Mix

Etrange et passionant Mix de Guiseppe Ielasi  réalisé pour le label Entr'acte 

00’00″ – S R Hess: System Failure extract (E88 cassette, out of print) 
03’30″ – The Automatics Group: Summer Mix (E130 cd) 
08’15″ – Evapori: Transkript 17 (E74 lp) 
10’30″ – John Wall / Alex Rodgers: Work 2006-2011 (E114 cd) 
13’30″ – Adam Sonderberg: American Hours with German Efficiency (E116 cassette) 
15’20″ – Jacques Beloeil: Bidules (E64 lp) 
18’10″ – Adam Asnan: Fancies (E101 cassette, out of print, cd reissue forthcoming) 
20’10″ – Esther Venrooy: The Spiral Staircase (E50 lp) 
24’30″ – Bellows: Reelin’ (E128 cd) 
27’25″ – Strategy: Noise Tape Reggae (E62 7″) 
30’30″ – Dj Ordeal: Seagull (E39 lp) 
31’45″ – Ben Gwilliam / Michel Vorfeld: Laute (E97 cd) 
33’40″ – Renato Rinaldi: Time Machines III (cd, forthcoming in 2012) 
35’40″ – Adam Sonderberg: American Hours with German Efficiency (E116 cassette) 
37’50″ – Ian Middleton: Time Building (E66 lp)

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vendredi 6 décembre 2013

Rêves de Maracas...

… En attendant, quelques morceaux choisis du buffet froid.


The Fall - Lonely Walk
Dismantled King is Off The Throne - Felt
Disincarnate - Murmuüre
Heavenly Metals - Cold cave
Neon Light Intoxicants - Night Sins
Poison - Jessica 93
Two Children (instr.) - Paul Buchanan
Shadow Of A Doubt - Sonic Youth
Disorder (cover) - Year Of No Light 
Born To Be Wild - The Space Lady
Big Empty Field - Swell Maps
I Don’t Want To Be The One - Coil
Hourglass - ATDI
In « D » - Durutti Column
The Visited - Witxes

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vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Lee Gamble - Secret Thirteen Mix

"Your Sociometric Afterlife

(Hyperrealist Absurdist Psychodrama written for radio)

The audio is constructed and composed around sampled discussions and lectures on the theory of ‘The Biocentric Universe’ and concept of ‘The Resistance to Social Change’ and acts out as a radio play for the notions of ‘The Illusion of Death’/'This Dysfunctional Life/Afterlife’.

All frequencies are present, many are unavailable for perception.

The narrative is hidden as a ‘sub-vocalisation’ in the sub-harmonic content."


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mardi 26 novembre 2013

Sky Girl

Avec un peu de retard, je découvre enfin cette mystérieuse compilation concoctée par DJ Sundae et Julien Dechery. Une splendide collection de saynètes hors du temps pour rêver sous la couette tandis que les arbres se déplument.


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dimanche 24 novembre 2013

Santa Goes Hungry

Tracklist :

The Loop - Jason Lescalleet
Friday’s Child - Billie Dearborn (LHI)
Asia - Martin Rev
Ethipian Mass - Sharpie Crow
Foehn - Compound Eye
Ikuisuuden Maailma - Paavoharju
Hyojo Netori - Gagaku
Spock Gets Funky - George Duke
I Don’t Give a Fuck - DJ Rashad
Peace Akhi - Ka
Obsession Flowers As Torture - Nature and Organisation
Sparrow - Mazzy Star
Interludio (da dialoghi dal presente) -Luciano Cilio
Who are you trying to Fool - Little Ann
Shame - Sunny Dunes
Testing - The Nonce
Doris Hill - Lee Gamble
War of The Hearts - Sade
Love in outer Space - Sun Ra


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