vendredi 6 décembre 2013

Rêves de Maracas...

… En attendant, quelques morceaux choisis du buffet froid.


The Fall - Lonely Walk
Dismantled King is Off The Throne - Felt
Disincarnate - Murmuüre
Heavenly Metals - Cold cave
Neon Light Intoxicants - Night Sins
Poison - Jessica 93
Two Children (instr.) - Paul Buchanan
Shadow Of A Doubt - Sonic Youth
Disorder (cover) - Year Of No Light 
Born To Be Wild - The Space Lady
Big Empty Field - Swell Maps
I Don’t Want To Be The One - Coil
Hourglass - ATDI
In « D » - Durutti Column
The Visited - Witxes

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