mardi 28 avril 2015

The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady

Décidément chez Superior Viaduct on peut dire qu' ils sont particulièrement inspirés en ce moment  !
J'était complètement passé à coté de la réédition de ce chef d'oeuvre situé tout pile entre Monk Ellington et Stravinski.

Un certain Lester en parle mieux que moi :

“… the experience of the first few listening to record so total, so mind-twisting, that you authentically can say you’ll never be quite the same again. Black Saint and the Sinner Lady did that, and a very few others. They’re events you remember all your life, like your first real orgasm. And the whole purpose of this absurd, mechanically persistent involvement with recorded music is the pursuit of that priceless moment. So it’s not exactly that records might unhinge the mind, but rather that if anything is going to drive you up the wall it might as well be a record. Because the best music is strong and guides and cleanses and is life itself."

Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung
Lester Bangs

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